North Brew – x IMBC Somehow lose glass 7% (New Zealand IPA) – 440 ml


Indy Man Beer Celebration!!! – hasn’t happened… super sad face. No Casio Wizzard, no getting too drunk to navigate the Turkish Baths, no Thirsty Games, no somehow losing your glass!!! Hang on a minute, we think we feel a collab coming on… The finest people behind one of the finest beer festivals in the UK have been hard at work brewing up some special beers with the some of the UK’s finest breweries! In this beer we’ve encapsulated the spirit of IMBC by going big and not going home. OATS! – loads of them! Naked Oats and Torrefied Flaked Oats for a beer as thick as your head after the Saturday night session. Chit Malt for some nice froth on top of your beer, not quite Buxton x Omnipollo soft serve, but a tiny inch towards it. HOPS!

Алкохол: 7%
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